Monday, July 2, 2012

Gray Tree Frogs and other critters in the yard

For the past couple of weeks we've had a Gray Tree Frog in the swimming pool.  Each evening it calls from inside the pool filter and each time I catch it and move it back to the woods, it finds a way to return the next day.  Eventually I gave up and left it in sole possession of the pool.  We've theorized that perhaps the pool filter amplifies the frog's calls in a way that entices it to keep coming back.  Either way, it seems attached to the spot.  It seems happy, although we aren't too confident about his chances with the lady frogs.

Gray Tree Frog
And here are some of the other Reptiles and Amphibians we've had in the yard recently ...

Eastern Milk-Snake
Northern Ring-necked Snake

Eastern Box-Turtle

Eastern Spadefoot Toad

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