Monday, March 10, 2014

Photospot: Cowbirds ... Really? Yes Cowbirds ....

Had the rare privilege (at least in the ABA Area) of seeing three species of Cowbirds at feeders in Homestead, Florida on Sunday with Carlos Sanchez.  I don't spent so much time looking at Cowbirds in New York other than to scan flocks for odd blackbirds, but I have to admit it was actually pretty cool to have multiple species at the same place.  And they do give good iridescence ...

Brown-headed Cowbird.

Bronzed Cowbird - a good bird in the ABA area and they do really pop on the iridescence front.  We saw several in strip mall parking lots in urban Miami but also a few in suburban Homestead.  Another potentially invasive species that hasn't really been able to get far beyond the borders.

Another Bronzed Cowbird shot, this one from urban Miami ( a strip mall) on Saturday.

Shiny Cowbird (hiding behind the Red-winged Blackbird).  Folks thought that these things would be the next invasive species but they seem to have stalled and remain a (Code 3) ABA rarity confined to a few spots in Southern Florida.  Common in the Caribbean but they probably aren't going to make it in the US in any numbers.  I though it looked pretty cool - maybe rarity overcomes prejudices?

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